Monday, January 18, 2010

New batch of 30 Thumbs' tunes recorded live, 1987

Live from The Point, Atlanta Georgia in 2 volumes, recorded by Matt Miller

The intro to "I've Love Paris in the Springtime" should be enough to get you going.



  1. Virginia CarllileApril 18, 2010 at 1:36 PM

    thanks to Matt for recording these under very difficult circumstances...(recording wise)...still, he got good sound...and gave us a time to remember just how good Thumbie was.....and thanks to Terry and Sam...I'm forever grateful.....Virginia

  2. Long live Thumbs! I am working with David Corcoran right now who actually dedicated his Downforce Guitar Methods book to Thumbs! Everyone can learn to play in this method easier!


    Mr. D. Gardner

  3. I was lucky enough to play bass with Thumbs in Chattanooga for a few months in the mid eighties. I had trouble concentrating on my playing due to always watching him play. Truly amazing. A great experince in my life's musical journey.

  4. Shortly after he moved to Atlanta, I had the pleasure to play bass with Thumbs in Decatur at a club that had a name related to the railroad (Depot?).
    He was not only an outstanding player but a beautiful human being. His
    daughter Kathy was also a great blues singer if I remember correctly. I wonder if she is still singing! phil morrison